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Penn-wide Virtual Overdose Reversal Training


Welcome! We are excited to offer this free, virtual overdose reversal training to the entire Penn community, uniting students, faculty, health care staff and others around a common goal - to end the overdose epidemic in our communities. Whatever your Penn Medicine entity or UPenn affiliation, your participation in this effort is invaluble. 

This training is appropriate for persons with no medical background, but are led by trained emergency responders from Penn Medicine and/or the University of Pennsylvania who can answer more advanced questions. Aspects of Basic Life Support (BLS) training are referred to during the training, but previous training is not required. We will also present several ways to obtain naloxone nasal spray, the life-saving overdose reversal medication.

Please complete the RSVP form below, indicating the date of the training you plan to attend. Please double check your email address prior to submitting. Upon submitting, you will receive an email with the Microsoft Teams training link, which will be resent during the week leading up to your selected training. 

Trainings will take place via Microsoft Teams from 12pm - 1pm on the first Friday of the month.

During the training, please complete the "Attendance Form" provided by the training facilitators - we value your feedback!

Rachel McFadden, Penn Medicine:
MERT, University of Pennsylvania:

Feel free to share this RSVP form and our flyer with others. Check out for more great learning opportunities.

Thank you!


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